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Wed. 8/25: Part 2 Webinar on Short Sale Fraud

Completing the Look at “The Law” Affecting Short Sales It may be the “dog days” of summer, but it’s no time to be lazy about how you operate your short sale business. Investigations into short sale transactions are at an all-time high and you need to know the details that will keep your business operating […]

July Webinar Comments?

Did you watch the webinar today, July 28? Was it too deep? Was it helpful? Do you want to see more like that? I appreciate hearing from you below.

Wed. 7/28 Webinar: Understanding Fraud in Short Sales

This topic might not sound sexy, but if an orange jump suit doesn’t flatter your figure, then you will want to be sure to make this webinar. 

Wells Fargo Claims Agents Owe It Fiduciary Duty

Obviously, I receive bank documents for review from clients involved in short sales. Wells Fargo Bank Home Mortgage (WFB) has revised important documents. Since at least the fourth quarter of 2009 WFB has provided a “Short Sale Listing Addendum” and a “Purchase Contract Addendum” to be executed in the traditional short sale process. (I don’t […]

Stand With Freddie Mac Against “Strategic Defaults”

Freddie Mac has received a lot of attention lately from short sale investors. Today I write to endorse their position on “strategic defaults” dated May 3, 2010. Freddie’s Executive Vice President Don Bisenius offered “A Perspective on Strategic Defaults” that I commend to every serious investor’s reading at Bisenius cogently discusses this disturbing trend […]

Legitimate Investor Flips Reduce Loan Losses

As the saying goes, “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” The gist is that one’s view of solutions is biased toward one’s window on the world. A fraud investigator may think of business in terms of losses, often neglecting to check off each element for a claim of fraud before allowing an article about it. A […]

TARP Inspector “Flopping” Fraud Warning

The latest “emergency news” flashing across the Internet is about the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) SIG (Special Inspector General) Report to Congress warning about Property “Flopping” Fraud. “Flopping” is not a misspelling, so add it to your spell checker. Before more people start blogging (and offering new training programs designed to “solve” the new […]

Short Payoff Fraud Webinar Replay Links

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 has probably set a record for webinar content on a single topic on a single day: the Freddie Mac news article discussing a concept of  “Short Payoff Fraud.” Anyone who considers him/herself a serious real estate professional (real estate agents, brokers, investors, title, escrow, etc.) should conduct serious study about this issue. […]

Thinking About “Disclosure Chaos”

I’ve been thinking about the chaos that could be created if the disclosure of all pending offers a short sale investor receives were to become the law of the land. Keep in mind, I don’t believe it is the current state of the law and I don’t believe it would be good policy for it […]

Webinar Wrap-Up on 4/20 at 4PM Pacific

If you can’t make either of the earlier webinar opportunities on Tuesday, April 20, I’ll be giving a “wrap up” webinar hosted by Cory Boatright at 4PM Pacific (7PM Eastern). We’ll cover the various developments and thoughts that have been presented throughout the day. Register at Cory’s comments are found at I know, it’s […]

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