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Wed. 8/25: Part 2 Webinar on Short Sale Fraud

Posted by Ron Ballard
Completing the Look at “The Law” Affecting Short Sales
It may be the “dog days” of summer, but it’s no time to be lazy about how you operate your short sale business. Investigations into short sale transactions are at an all-time high and you need to know the details that will keep your business operating legally.

You asked for it. You get it: Part 2 of “Demystifying Fraud in the Short Sale Fog.”


Chris McLaughlin, Florida attorney and short sale expert, and yours truly, The California Short Sale Lawyer, return to continue clearing the fog surrounding issues of legality and fraud in short sales this coming Wednesday at 2 PM ET, 11 AM PT in a LIVE webinar.

Wednesday’s webinar will be great for investors, real estate brokers & agents, even lawyers and regulators. This is the second part of a two part series. We’ll apply specific principles discussed in Part 1 by dissecting a 7 page DRE memorandum about short sale fraud. Although the memo is from California, most of the issues apply in all States.

Here’s some issues we’ll cover:

1. How do you go about analyzing “official” releases? Can you just take it at face value?

2. What factors might require licensing for negotiations? What one factor could eliminate the need for a license?

3. Is it illegal to negotiate a good purchase price? Could it depend on the facts and circumstances?

4. When should a listing agent always avoid dual agency? Is it the listing agent’s duty to handle the negotiations?

5. Do any of the agents, or the seller, owe a duty to the lienholder(s) to get the highest price offer? But what happens when the highest price offer isn’t the best and the deal fails?

These are hot topics for the hot time of day. If you want to operate a “cool” short sale business, you’ll make firm time in your calendar for a detailed look at how “The Law” affects short sales.

Join us Wednesday:


To mutual success!

Ron Ballard

PS: Please invite ALL Realtors and attorneys that you know. Even regulators and investigators are welcome. If you have a board attorney for your local MLS and/or Realtor board, please invite them to watch this webinar … it will help keep legitimate short sale businesses alive.

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  1. Aaron Ayotte says:

    I just learned of your site and information. Do you have a replay posted somewhere? I’d love to watch and share!

    Thanks, Ron.

    Aaron Ayotte

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