Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 at 9:07pm

FDIC Sues CoreLogic for Appraisal Fraud

Posted by Ron Ballard

I hate to give you too much too fast, but I just came across a lawsuit filed a couple weeks ago in Santa Ana, California in which the FDIC is suing CoreLogic for $129 million in connection with alleged appraisal fraud relating to the failure of Washington Mutual alone. Could there be more losses at other banks?


Be sure to read my two articles immediately below to understand how CoreLogic “cooks the books” to look good.


One Response to “FDIC Sues CoreLogic for Appraisal Fraud”

  1. Steve Pawera says:

    In light of Ron’s two previous posts on Core Illogic, how do you spell ‘ironic’? or ‘karma’?

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