Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 at 12:56pm

August Webinar Comments?

Posted by Ron Ballard

Did you watch the webinar today, August 25? Was it too deep? Was it helpful? Do you have differing views?

I appreciate hearing from you below. This is about reasonable discussion. Disagreement can sharpen minds.

8 Responses to “August Webinar Comments?”

  1. thomas duck says:

    yes I watched today, It was not to deep for me. In fact I would like to meet you in person. Our office is over by southcoast plaza. I have more quesitons. I thought the caveat phrase explination was well done. The fear mongering out of the DRE is really intense these days.

  2. Bill Patterson says:

    It was as good as the first part! Thanks! Will a pdf of the slides be available? I got the ones from part one when I signed up on this site.

  3. Ron Ballard says:

    Hi Thomas, click on the Ballard Law Office link on the right under “Information Sites” and contact my office. I am fully booked up today (Thursday) & Friday, even to the point of possibly not being able to set appointments — so be patient to Monday.

    Hi Bill, to get the slides, sign up for the free “Short Sales News” list on the main page of The free PDF of the slides is a special sign up incentive to sign up that was supposed to expire at midnight but I’ll leave it up for another day. Also, I sent a message yesterday to everyone who is on that list with a link for the slides, so check your Inbox if you’re already on the RESI list.

  4. ali shahrokhi says:

    Hi Ron

    Great info as always. I am already a member of your free news and never received a link for the PDF format yesterday, can you please have someone resend it again.

    Thank you Kindly
    [email protected]

  5. Ron Ballard says:

    Hi Ali, the subject of the message from RESI states: “8/25: Breaking Special Offer Rules for 16 hours.” Hopefully it’s not in your Junk/Spam folder. It has the link to the slides and announces extension of the webinar special offers to 10 a.m. today — now to 10 p.m. due to pleas from some people who are traveling. The link which goes down at 10 pm Pacific is

  6. ali shahrokhi says:

    Hi Ron,

    Thank you, checked spam and NOTHING in there either. even resigned and nothing came through only to confirm that was my email address that I was using.

  7. ali shahrokhi says:

    Thank You Kindly for your email. I have recived.

    Also came a cross this article in regards to MERS and its position of forclosing properties not being an actual owner of the notes.

    What are your thoughts on that?

    Click here:

  8. Ron Ballard says:

    Hi Ali,

    I look forward to reading the underlying opinions, hence my comments are without having done so. Nevertheless, I never saw how MERS would have a right to foreclose as it is a mere registration system. The standard in California is that the Deed of Trust must be assigned along with the note. Hence, the error in using MERS is repairable but it will take work and time. Each successive beneficiary under a deed of trust will need to execute and record an assignment of the DOT in the order they passed the note around. When a note is fractionalized into several holders of a pool, then either the pool manager must have a recorded power of attorney to act on behalf of all holders or each holder of an interest must sign. It’s simple rules of Real Estate 101 that the banks were trying to ignore.

    We see the banks arguing that intermediary investors who flip short sales are mere straw buyers, which is false because they close with real money and take title in a real person, while the banks create a true fiction in MERS that truly is a straw holder of title. The double standards in the industry are extremely irritating.

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