Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 at 12:38pm

July Webinar Comments?

Posted by Ron Ballard

Did you watch the webinar today, July 28? Was it too deep? Was it helpful? Do you want to see more like that? I appreciate hearing from you below.

10 Responses to “July Webinar Comments?”

  1. William Gold says:

    Hello RON:

    We have some synergy here. We have been active in lawsuits against the bank for years. I understand and like your program. It appears as though your business plan would be upfront maintenance and active participation for investors. Well, I am personally getting involved with larger transactions that require your help. Our business is getting Restraining orders, filing complaints, and negotiating with the bank when they breach their contracts. It appears as though the banks are going crazy foreclosing on brokers that have agreements for short sales in place. I think we can take some of this burden off your back. That is if you don’t mind working with litigating attorneys. I personally would be more interested in working with you on aquisition of properties, rather than messing around with long detailed responses to demur. Anyway, I think it would be a good fit. Can we talk sometime in the near future. Thank you.
    We have a following of brokers currently that could benefit from your knowledge.

  2. Sue Wekerle says:

    Please do Part 2 of todays webinar.


  3. steven menzel says:

    Here is a comment or general statement. I absolutely love this short sale investing information arena. There are so many people (in my opinion) that are simply skittish about trying this for the simple fear of getting caught doing something wrong without even knowing what they did was IN FACT, wrong.

    It would be refreshing and probably double or triple the sales of the marketing packages, software, training, and educational materials that carry a reasonable price IF THERE WERE ASSURANCES that if they followed the program as written, were sued, and the attorneys that marketed these materials volunteered to DEFEND THEIR TRAINING in court…that would be the perfect package and would gain a HUGE BUY IN to the investors on the sidelines too scared to participate. (assuming their can prove they followed your rules of the program)

    I have done approximately 9 deals this year short-selling homes, negotiating with banks, meeting bpo reps at the home and have given them factual information on market conditions, actual comparables (low ones but factual with adjustments for seller concessions) and I am having no real trouble getting deals done.

    My challenge is approaching other real estate agents because they feel there will be no one to represent THEM if they follow the program as outlined and fannie or freddie, fbi, or other institution(s) come after them for something they didnt even know was a problem. I am trying to take my business to the next level by approaching agents in my area to allow me the privilege of handling their short sales for them, but when I explain the process…their broker jumps in and says “who will defend this if it comes to that?” There are really only a handful of attorneys in any given state that can properly defend a short sale related action.

    Your thoughts would be professionally appreciated. I love this system. I feel I am truly helping people with problem properties and I am doing my part in helping get this real estate economy going again. It helps investors, it helps get non-performing assets off the books, it helps the seller out of a terrible situation, and if I can make a living doing all of that…I am not seeing a downside here. Others may view this differently.

    I bow to your thoughts here Ron. Excellent webinar today!

  4. Great webinar. Please do part 2.

  5. Edward Lin says:

    Hi Ron,

    Your webinar with Chris was great, as were your presentations along with Jeff Watson, Chris McLaughlin and Ben Pargman on legal matters related to short sales at the “Make It Happen Now Foreclosure Investing Summit” a couple of weeks ago in Los Angeles. Efforts by you guys — top short sale lawyers of the country — are badly needed to clear the fog surrounding the short-sale solution approach to the housing crisis. Yes, please do part two! And, as I suggested before, please record and make available the webinars so that we can all help to spread the words!

  6. dave rozansky says:

    Excellent Webinar I hope to see part 2. Going to your promo link for today to join the cost once in the alertpay window does not reflect the cost in the promotion. the alertpay is greater by $100.

  7. christy diehl says:

    I missed it!!!! Really disappointed however, I am hopeful that you will have alink to replay somewhere?

  8. Ron Ballard says:

    Hi Dave,

    Oops. Actually the typo was on the specials page. AlertPay has the correct offer shown in the webinar — about 40% off: $397 special vs. $597 standard rate.


  9. Bradley Gaskins says:

    Part 2. Part 2. Part 2.

    I want part 2.

    Grate stuff Ron. Really appreciate it.


  10. Edward Lin says:

    Ron, I have two questions:

    1. Are you talking to DRE and/or CAR, making your views known on various short-sale issues? What are their responses, if any?

    2. Is the paperwork in your subscription package based on option, or trust, or CAR forms with addenda that you created? Since your package includes items such as “affidavit of understanding” and “option addendum”, is your paperwork similar to Jeff Watson’s or Ben Pargman’s? Has DRE or CAR ever had an opportunity to view your short-sale paperwork?

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